The delegation of the Volga-Don NGO visited the Loga Park: Volgodonsk has something to learn

The delegation of the Volga-Don regional public organization visited the unique landscape park “Loga” in the village of Staraya Stanitsa near Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

The trip took place as part of the Active Generation project, which became one of the winners of the municipal grant competition. It involves active and healthy leisure – the Volga-Don members are engaged in physical therapy in the clinic number 3, sing, are fond of needlework, and participate in many significant city events. A trip to the famous park has become an exciting journey that will be remembered for a long time.

“Loga” is the real pearl of the Don; it is not without reason that it is called “little Switzerland”. Thanks to the local entrepreneur and philanthropist, the owner of the paint and varnish holding Sergey Kushnarenko, in 2012, a park was laid at the site of a natural dump, which today turned into a real fairy tale. There are not enough words to describe him. In it you can walk for hours, and every minute to find something new.

On an area of ​​more than 20 hectares spread man-made magical country. Here you can see the wonders of landscapers and landscape designers, figures of animals and fairy-tale heroes made of wood, bronze, stone. Beautiful terraces and towers are erected – in one of them a mechanical king appears several times a day, who welcomes the guests. Each corner beckons to sit on amazing benches (for example, in the form of a dachshund), take a photo against the background of carefully trimmed plants (they didn’t even imagine that birch trees can be turned into living “umbrellas”), listen to the sound of waterfalls – they penetrate the entire park.

In the “Loga” park, everything attracts the eye. Special “highlights” are the rock garden, ponds with swans and koi carps, the “Looking Glass” gallery with curved mirrors. The magnificent terrace ends with the temple of Sergei Radonezh with a chapel, which leads to more than 130 steps. It offers breathtaking views. And next year they promise to open the Ferris wheel – it has already been mounted.

And, of course, our smaller friends live in the park – a whole city of animals and birds. Deer, mouflon, squirrels, meerkats, raccoons, monkeys, peacocks, pheasants, parrots, owls, cranes of rare species. All pets feel at ease, well-groomed, in huge enclosures – no smell. Agree, this is amazing – right at the gate you are greeted by deer who are completely not afraid of people, let themselves be stroked and try to take pictures themselves from the most advantageous side.

In “Loga” you can visit a cafe and restaurant, cinema, a souvenir shop, mint a coin for memory, play virtual reality, ride children on a carousel, see a singing fountain and find other entertainment to your liking. The most amazing thing is that a barbecue area has been created in the park – anyone can sit at tables with their own food and fry barbecue on the grills. All this, as well as the entrance to the park, is completely free! The rules themselves in the “Log” are simple: do not litter, do not walk on lawns, do not climb stones, do not touch mirrors with your hands, do not feed animals. An exception has been made for fish – for only 10 rubles you can get a portion of special food and throw it to thick golden carps, who already know very well where the food awaits them.

And what is most surprising – no one littering in Loga, although there are more than enough companies with barbecue. On the grass – not a scrap of napkins. The only thing that can be found on the lawns in the park is fallen leaves (autumn, what can you do). Garbage from bins is almost instantly removed. And the bins themselves are a real masterpiece of wooden sculpture. About one million rubles is spent on the maintenance of Log every month. At the same time, visitors do not take a ruble from the visitors for entering, parking, using barbecues and tables, walking on terraces, galleries, aviaries with animals, numerous photo shoots against the background of absolutely everything that is in the park. But people come here from all over the region and other cities. The monument must be put to Sergei Kushnarenko for this.

All participants of the trip were delighted with the visit to the Loga park and sincerely thanked its organizer, Chairman of the Volga-Don NGO Irina Khalai. But here, according to her, is insulting – and we agreed with her one hundred percent. Why is it impossible to create such beauty in Volgodonsk? With a working nuclear power plant and a solid engineering division, various entrepreneurs, it’s a shame to have one very modest park and several squares for the whole fairly decent city. And all the care in which is cleaning (often on community work days), sawing trees, replanting flowers on flower beds, repairing and painting old benches.

“Of course, there is something to see and learn in the Loga Park,” said Irina Khalai. – Not without reason many here take ideas for landscape design of their personal plots. Even if the old tree dried up, it was turned into an interesting lamp or a unique sculpture that adorned the park. Are we worse? Or do we need such huge expenses to mow the reeds in the bay, dry it and cover it with the roof of some institution? It will be very beautiful – this is what they are doing in the Loga Park. Or from the stumps of trees to create nice small architectural forms in the central streets, in squares. In the “Log”, for example, they closed the facade with ordinary dry corncobs, but they did not take their eyes off. And we have everything standard, gray, in concrete and glass, living greens, roses and other flowers disappear before our eyes. At least bring the coast of the bay in good condition, already for this the descendants will say thanks.

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