The speech of the representative of victims from Volgodonsk at the VI International Congress of the Victims of Terrorism in Salamanca Spain

                                                        Lady and gentleman!

I present here public organization of the assistance of the defense of the rights of the suffered from the terror act  “Volga-don”

I myself and my son became  victims of terrorism in Volgodonsk in 1999.

16 September, 1999 act of terrorism has been made in Russian southern small town Volgodonsk.

More than 15 thousand inhabitants of Volgodonsk  including more than thousand children suffered  from the explosion of two tons of trotyl and geksogen.

19 people were killed, 73 became invalids, 42 houses and two schools were damaged.

The suffered lost their dwellings, property, income as a result of the loss of the ability to work.

Lump sum of compensatory payments was paid-463$ to families lost their relatives; 

463$-116$ to invalids; 34$- those injured.

The explosion influenced the mental and physical health of the victims.

As a result of it they have headaches, cardiovascular problems, memory deficits, vision and hearing loss, irritability, aggressiveness, post-traumatic syndrome, and panic attacks.

 Terrorism and violence have no citizenship and nationality,
it is a world problem as well as problems of victims of the terror acts


10 years we did our best to make the governing body of our country to accept the law on the social defense of the victims of the terror acts.

Children are our future, and only through our efforts can we ensure that they grow into sound individuals.

There is no system of diagnostics of a condition of victims in Russia

There is no supervision over those who received heavy traumas at children’s and youths’ age, also as well as adults.

Children born from mothers, who were traumatized during explosion, are not recognized as victims

Nobody know the exact number of the suffered from terrorism in Russia

Volgodonsk, Moscow, Beslan , Vladikavkaz,  St.-Petersburg, Volgograd,

Kabardino-Balcaria, Stavropol Territory, Dagestan, Chechen republic and many other terror acts in Russian

We addressed to the President of  Russia, to the  Chairman of the Government of  Russia, to the State Duma of Russia, to the Representative on human rights in Russia constantly, as well as the  regional and  local authorities, with the request to help with the acceptance of the Law in which is was  precisely settled social (medical, legal, professional, psychological) rehabilitation of the suffered from acts of terrorism, and will determine the order of its financing.

The civilized state is obliged to protect the citizens and to indemnify their a loss

In the Russian federal law, titled “Countering Terrorism”, as well as a resolution of the Russian federal government, titled “Confirming the Rules for Providing Social Rehabilitation to Persons Suffering as the Result of a Terror Act”, the status of “Victim of a Terror Act” and  “ Invalid as a result of terror act”  are still absent, as well as any mechanism for fully compensating loses to health.

As the state has withdrawn from problems of victims of the terror act, and the Federal law acted at the moment of the terror act in Volgodonsk in 1999 “About struggle against terrorism”, as well as the governmental order № 90 of 06.02.2001 based on this law were not financed, we filed a suit for the compensation of harm done to our health in 2002.

We took the Government of Russia as the respondent.

In 2006 we   did not receive any answer to our last references concerning acceptance of the Law protecting the right of the suffered from act of terrorism from Chairman of the State Duma of  Russia, we addressed to the court for protection of the rights, involving as respondents the State Duma of  Russia, Legislative Assembly of the Rostov area and the Municipal Duma.

All courts of Russia rejected us, motivating it by the article 104 of the Constitution of  Russia, where it is written down that to go with the legislative initiative is the right not a duty of respondents.

The verdict of Court of Volgodonsk Russia was this is Right the State Duma of  Russia not Duty to give the legislative initiative

Harm caused by a terror act in reality is impossible to calculate, and impossible to remedy.  Compensation must provide victims of a terror act with a worthy standard of living

With regards to the gap in legislation in Russia, and the stubborn unwillingness of delegates in the national parliament to introduce into the federal law “Countering Terrorism” an understanding of the status of a “Victim of a Terror Act”, we have been deprived of our right to a worthy standard of living.

We are the Russian suffered from terror acts went all judicial instances up to the Supreme and Constitutional Court of Russia.

We was gave only answer for life condemned terrorists must answer for everything.

This is obviously impracticable decision.

Customers of terror acts  are not found neither in one of large terror acts nor in Volgodonsk, In “Nord-Ost”  in “Beslan“.

It is very important that questions of the help to victims of terror acts are considered at the international level.

So conference devoted “ Development of standards of the help to victims of acts of terrorism” Tilburg Holland  2008, became the beginning in the international cooperation. The Tilburg University together with WSV developed UN Convention on Victims.

This is essential for victims of acts of terrorism of Russia acceptance of this Convention its ratification.

It is very important that UN Convention on Victims extended on us of victims before the made terror acts.

In the spring 2008 we ourselves developed the Bill about social protection suffered from acts of terrorism and sent it to NGO “Nord-Ost” NGO “Voice of Beslan”, they to make their offers. Then we sent our Bill to the President of Russia, to Chairman of the Government of  Russia, Chairman of the State Duma of Russia and Chairman of Council of Federation of  Russia.

Nobody of state officials took it under consideration.

The people both grown-ups and children even those born after the terror act whose mothers got injury, suffered from the strongest stress need help psychological, medical, professional and legislative.

It is necessary to attract the  international medical centers having the experience in contusion, barotraumas, psychological injure to the investigation of the dynamism of the health state of the suffered from terrorism of different age group and different levels of health injury restore (cure) their health more completely.

It is necessary International program of rehabilitation of the victims of terrorism,

to foresee in this program- the procedure, sizes, times of the help to the victims of terrorism, to foresee the mechanism of the help to the people suffered on the territory of another state.

It is necessary to consider following aspects at the discussion of the Draft UN Convention on Victims :

To foresee the action of this Convention on all suffered in the acts.

This Convention should include the children born from the mother who were the victims of terrorism.

To foresee in the Convention the compensation to the victim of terrorism who became disabled.

It is necessary to create the International Fond of the help to the victims of terrorism to solve the problem of the suffered from the acts of terror.

It is necessary to create the International database of the victims of terrorism

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