Report for 2017

In 2017 the organization implemented the project “Health and the good of the nation -General case of citizens of Russia” supported grantoperatorom the Public Chamber of Russia All-Russian public organization “League of Nation’s Health”, from August 2017 implementing the project “Hasten to do good” in the framework of which the legal quiz in homes for the elderly and people with disabilities, do crafts with the elderly women and children living in social rehabilitation center for minors “Aistenok”, held celebrations for the Day of elderly in the Semychny Dormitory of the Dubovsky District, the Martynovsky Nursing and Disabled People’s Home in the Greater Orlovka settlement, the Volgodonsk Boarding School for the Elderly and the Disabled, and in the library№ 6 for the members of the organization

During the implementation of the project “Health and prosperity of the nation is a common cause of the citizens of Russia,” social monitoring groups, including representatives of the Volga-Don NGO, and the Public Chamber of the city of Volgodonsk, carried out 44 monitoring of healthcare facilities and the social sphere.
2200 residents of the city and the region were interviewed, monitoring made it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the departments’ work, inform the society about the importance and complexity of the work establishments of public health services, social sphere and also to develop directions of work on increase of level of trust of the population to authorities

Based on the results of the monitoring, reports containing information on the work of healthcare institutions and the social sphere were compiled on the findings of the audits, as well as recommendations for correcting the deficiencies, and, if found, were sent to the appropriate authorities. Employees of health care institutions and the social sphere learned more about the forms of exercising public control, the need to respect and observe the rights and freedoms of citizens. All reports are posted on the sites of our organization, the Public Chamber of the city, the Internet portal, the agency of social information, social networks. Odnoklassniki, Facebook, In touch.

During the reporting period, representatives of the NGO “Volga-Don” took part in working meetings, roundtables with representatives of health authorities, social protection, police, held meetings, in Civil Forums, joint meetings of the Public Chamber of the Rostov Region, Volgodonsk, the City Administration and Volgodonsk city Duma. During the project implementation, 33 thematic sessions and quizzes were held for the representatives of the older generation, disabled people and minors, including pupils of the social and rehabilitation center for minors in Volgodonsk, in which more than 100 people took part, to increase their legal literacy, to develop civil legal awareness and reject criminal behavior, in order to reduce the criminal situation in the society.

Twenty-five psychological sessions were also held with older generation, disabled people, adolescents, in which more than 100 people participated, which helped in choosing a strategy of non-conflict behavior, the ability to recognize and avoid conflicts that hurt the consequences of such situations, live in peace and harmony with the surrounding and people and with yourself.   71  representative of the older generation, disabled people were trained in computer literacy, 6 psychological trainings were conducted at a country recreation center, in which 155 people took part
33 lessons were held in the program “Healthy Lifestyle”, in which more than 100 people took part, the program helped the project participants to learn to overcome illnesses and lead a healthy lifestyle
Thanks to lectures and practical exercises among minors, disabled people and elderly people, their level of legal literacy, psychological protection, civic sense of justice increased, and rejection of criminal behavior was developed, which ultimately contributed to the reduction of the criminal situation in the society.
Lessons on the program “Needlework” and master classes are held throughout the year

Classes help participants to learn the national creativity, to escape from loneliness, to feel the importance and their relevance, to transfer their experience and skills to others.
The activists of the program “Needlework” made exhibitions of their creative works at the festive events “City Day” and “Carnival in the 24th District”. The activists of the project held a festive event timed to March 8, “International Day of the Elderly Man”
Activities within the project were regularly covered in the media, the sites of the NGO Volga-Don NGO, the site of the Public Chamber of Volgodonsk,, the internet newspaper www.vdnews, social networks Facebook, Odnoklassniki , the distribution of the interregional Coalition “The Right of the Elderly”.
The project report was fully submitted to the grant operator. All funds were used in accordance with the estimate approved by the grantor.
All reports on all projects and acts of the Audit Commission are posted on the organization’s website

Chairman Coordination Advice

RPO ADRS “Volga-Don”                                                     Irina Khalay

Tel: 8 918 542 74 06

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