Regional Social Forum “Socially-oriented non-profit organizations – a modern provider of social services”

Региональный социальный форум

November 8 at the Don State Public Library held a social forum “Socially oriented non-profit organizations — a modern provider of social services to the population“, which was attended by representatives of the NGOs of the Rostov region, including the NGO “Volga-Don”, the Public Chamber of Volgodonsk and Rostov region, the Government of the media.

The main objective of the Forum — to give access of socially-oriented non-profit organization to provide onerous social services and the corresponding budget funding.





Government of the Russian Federation today tasked to improve the organization of the system of NGO social services of various kinds, as the vulnerable categories of citizens and society as a whole. Provision of such services is a technology solutions to meet the problems in need of human needs, enhance its level and quality of life.

Regional Social Forum

The Forum was held Gallery of social projects: presentations of projects and good practices of social services CO NGOs. ROO “Volga-Don” presented its banner and leaflets on the realized projects.

Chairman of the NGO “Volga-Don” II Halay took part in the “Effective models of quality social services: non-profit organizations the role and made a presentation in which he showed the participants of the section that has been done by the organization for 10 years The event ended with a solemn awarding of winners of the “Best Social Project” NGO “Volga-Don”. It has been recognized as one of the winners of this competition.

dsc05667NGO “Volga-Don” has implemented several social projects “place vstrechi- Dialogue”, the “golden age of school”, “Hasten to do good” health and good of the nation – a common cause of Russian citizens “,” Volgodonsk remembers … “,” Comfortable and safe life of disadvantaged people through constructive dialogue with the authorities and effective public control in the Rostov region “, attracting funds of commercial organizations, non-profit organizations and private donations, is engaged in providing a variety of services to socially vulnerable layers of the population of our society.

The targeting of the programs

Socially vulnerable strata of the population — residents of the Rostov region, the elderly, the disabled, children, adolescents.

NGO “Volga-Don” is successfully implementing the program “School of the golden age”, aimed at creating conditions for self-realization, social status, quality of life and the creative potential of the elderly, the disabled, as well as adolescents and children, are trained “computer literacy” of the older generation and people with disabilities. Venues for the program allocated free of Administration of Volgodonsk. Trained more than 300 people. Activists of the program of the “golden age of school” are actively engaged in studying the history of his native land, there are excursions to the historical sites and the Orthodox churches and monasteries of the Southern Federal District with the aim of enriching the spiritual and moral, as well as the expansion of knowledge in the field of Orthodoxy and Russian history

program “Crafts” action. Master classes “French embroidery”, the exhibition on the city events that help the older generation feel the importance, relevance, share their experience and skill to others.

It is claimed the program “School of legal knowledge”, which is held at the Center of public organizations and the city of Volgodonsk 6/14 library, located in one of the most remote areas of the city (Walking distance)

In 2016, she was the first time in the “School of legal knowledge” applied legal quizzes for the older generation, the disabled and minors, including inmates of social rehabilitation center for minors of Volgodonsk. In order to enhance their legal awareness, develop civic awareness and rejection of criminal behavior. Through play children and elderly people learned a lot about their rights and responsibilities.

The second year of the NGO “Volga-Don” organizes psychological trainings for representatives of the older generation, the disabled, children and adolescents including the holiday village, with the involvement of specialists psychologists.
An agreement on cooperation with the social rehabilitation center for minors Volgodonsk, in which carried legal quiz, courses “Crafts”. The guys from the SRC, together with teenagers from the families of victims of terrorist attacks, took part in psychological trainings on the holiday village, in the course of the training, participants improved their psychological stability, we have learned to work in a team and to prevent conflicts.


In 2015 ROO “Volga-Don” held the first city competition “And well, Sudarushki!” for representatives of high generation of three city districts within the socially important project “You Hurry to Do Good”. The competition promoted public awareness of active lifestyle of representatives of “a gold age”.

In 2016 independent assessment of quality of rendering services by the organizations in the sphere of social service, health protection was carried out” within which monitoring of quality of rendering of services of 68 healthcare institutions, the social sphere, Department of Internal Affairs, the Rostov region was carried out, more than 2000 people are polled.
The representatives of high generation affected by terrorist attack are involved to carrying out monitoring.

Implementation of effective public control of activities of authorities helped to define problematic issues, promoted the beginning of constructive dialogue and broad interaction of citizens and authorities. Lighting in media of results of monitoring, allowed to show to society the real situation in a health system, social protection, subdividings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Due to the aforesaid, NGO “Volga-Don” since 2009 renders socially useful services to such categories of the population as elderly people, disabled people and children.

In the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1096 of 27.10.2016 it:

  • The services providing rehabilitation and social adaptation of disabled people;
    Assistance to a family in education of children;
  • Services in the sphere of additional education of citizens of advanced age and disabled people, including service of training in skills of computer literacy;
  • Services in collection, generalization and information analysis about quality of rendering services by the organizations of social service, the medical organizations.

During operation of sections offers on development of system of rendering services in general were made:

Development of standards for rendering social services, training of officials is necessary to delegate these powers including with a certain volume of joint financing.

Necessary steps in the direction of development of social partnership

For the purpose of activation of social partnership efforts of all stakeholders are necessary.

  1. Determination of the status, powers, requirements to activities of structures as a part of the public authorities responsible for interaction with NPO, more accurate determination of their functions at the different levels of control.
  2. Gain of information support of development of process of social partnership.
  3. Gain of financial support of activities of the NPO successfully operating in the social sphere.

Lowering of a tax burden for socially oriented NPOs (all taxes, including a personal income tax make 43,2%) needs to be returned privileges, social taxes for operating disabled people, NPO pay 30,2% of all taxes as also the business concerns having profit.

Training NPO of financial statements for budgetary funds is necessary

Efficiency assessment provision of this or that service and, principal its effectiveness is represented extremely important.

In this case transparency of activities of NPO, necessary experiment on provision of the reporting for the budgetary financing, experience of operation from media, social networks, experience of operation in the sphere of provision of social services, commands is important for implementation of programs.


Three sections were devoted to provision of high-quality social services, public-private partnership in the sphere of development соцуслуг and to increase in access of NPO to budgetary funds. As a result of operation of sections the resolution was drafted. Some of its points became: creation of center of innovations of a social sphere in the Rostov region, preparation of a uniform information basis of suppliers. Besides, it was offered to create an online site for national financing and to organize courses for non-profit organizations on business.

In conclusion it is necessary to mark that involvement of socially oriented NPOs, to process of rendering services in case of reasonable regulation and a mandatory regulation is capable to increase social and economic effect of social policy of the state.

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