Volgograd (Stalingrad). Hero city

On August 30, 2015 participants of the Hurry to Do Good project of ROO “Volga-Don” realized with assistance of Fund of assistance to development of municipalities “Association of Territories of an Arrangement of Nuclear Power Plants” visited with excursion the hero town of Volgograd in the museum to a panorama “Battle of Stalingrad” and the historical complex “Mamayev Kurgan”.

Excursion began with zero kilometer and a monument fallen defenders of the city of Stalingrad. Adults and children saw places of fights and memorable signs. The Volgograd state museum panorama “Battle of Stalingrad” impressed with the scale and showed all tragic element of that that occurred those terrible days on the bank of Volga. Especially all were impressed by a panorama “Defeat of fascist troops near Stalingrad”. Visit of the historical complex “Mamayev Kurgan” where participants of the project reached was the second part of excursion passed by underground tram which plies in Volgograd. The grandiose complex is struck with the sizes especially by a statue “the Homeland – Mothers”. The museum of military glory left indelible impression on all who participated in this excursion. Especially change of a guard of honor which was seen by all visitors of a complex impressed. In the conclusion of excursion all rose to the bottom of a monument “Motherland” having felt thus as a small grain of sand in comparison with a mighty statue. Recently all our country celebrated 70 anniversary of the Great victory in that terrible war. Having visited places of battles on Volga there is a wish to trust that such more will never repeat and nobody for the sake of someone’s ambitions will destroy all live on Earth. Because angrily created against another all the same will return to that who made it. Also anybody cannot forget about it!

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