The regional public organization of assistance to protection of the rights of victims of act of terrorism 16.09.1999

“32 people were dumped on a bus in a heap”

In Moscow, on the square in front of the theater center on Dubrovka, they remembered the victims of the tragedy that happened 16 years ago. About 200 people came to the action.

On October 26, 2002, authorities interrupted negotiations and went on the assault on the building seized by terrorists during the presentation of the musical Nord-Ost. As a result of the special operation, 130 people were killed. According to the public organization “Nord-Ost” – 174 people. More than 700 were injured. The cause of the death of many hostages was the gas put into the room, the composition of which is still classified. The doctors who saved the lives of the victims did not have information about the necessary antidote.

In 2011, the European Court of Human Rights examined the collective complaint of victims of the terrorist attack and admitted that the Russian authorities violated the right to life and to a fair trial.

The court ordered Russia to pay monetary compensation to the families of the victims of the attack and to investigate the circumstances of the deaths of 130 people. However, the Investigative Committee of Russia refused to initiate criminal proceedings against persons responsible for the deaths during the assault.


Subbotnik in the Ecological square of Volgodonsk Public Chamber

October 19, 2019 throughout the region passed a single day of afforestation, to which Volgodonsk joined.

In the Ecological square of the Volgodonsk Public Chamber, an autumn clean-up was also held. Activists of the Chamber together with students of VITI NIIUU MEPhI (Volgodonsk Engineering Institute. Branch of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI), Samarskiy college, medical college, pedagogical college planted young seedlings of poplar, boxwood, maples, dug trees that have already taken root, removed garbage from the territory of the park and around.

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Address to the Chairman of the State Duma V.V. Volodin under the law on victims of terrorist attacks

To Chairman of the State Duma
Federal Assembly
Russian Federation
V.V. Volodin

Dear Vyacheslav Viktorovich!

On September 16, 1999 in Volgodonsk, Rostov Region, the largest-scale terrorist attack (in terms of destruction and the number of victims) was committed in Russia (officially more than 16194 victims, of which about 1000 were children).

But still in Russia there is no federal law on the social protection of victims of terrorist attacks. Continue reading

The delegation of the Volga-Don NGO visited the Loga Park: Volgodonsk has something to learn

The delegation of the Volga-Don regional public organization visited the unique landscape park “Loga” in the village of Staraya Stanitsa near Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

The trip took place as part of the Active Generation project, which became one of the winners of the municipal grant competition. It involves active and healthy leisure – the Volga-Don members are engaged in physical therapy in the clinic number 3, sing, are fond of needlework, and participate in many significant city events. A trip to the famous park has become an exciting journey that will be remembered for a long time. Continue reading

Active generation

The cycle of physical therapy classes for the participants of the project “Active Generation” of Volga-Don NGO started on October 4. It was supported by the Volgodonsk Administration.

The first 12 representatives of the older generation mastered a number of useful exercises. Andrey Uderevsky, instructor of the MUZ GP No. 3, conducted classes aimed at preventing cervical osteochondrosis, establishing correct posture, warming up the shoulder and wrist joints.

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Man is not alive by bread alone

A creative meeting of Volgodonsk writers and poets with the participants of the Active Generation project of the Volga-Don NGO was held in the city library No. 6. The meeting took place on October 2, 2019.

Vladimir Sinelschikov, a member of the Russian Union of Professional Writers, read his story and poems. All participants in the meeting were fascinated by his manner of performing their works. Continue reading

День пожилого человека

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1 октября участники проекта “Активное поколение” подержанного Администрацией Волгодонска, РОО” Волга-Дон” и РОО” Парус Надежды” отметили Международный день пожилого человека на загородной базе отдыха” Тихие зори” присоединившись к международной акции “Возраст требует действия” . Continue reading

Как жить дальше общественникам рассказали в 3-й поликлинике

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РОО «Волга-Дон» начала реализацию социально значимого проекта «Активное поколение», поддержанного администрацией Волгодонска. В преддверии Международного дня пожилого человека 24 и 25 сентября представители старшего поколения РОО «Волга-Дон» проходили обследование в Центре здоровья городской поликлиники №3 (главный врач Виктор Дорохов). Continue reading



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