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Subbotnik in the Ecological square of Volgodonsk Public Chamber

October 19, 2019 throughout the region passed a single day of afforestation, to which Volgodonsk joined.

In the Ecological square of the Volgodonsk Public Chamber, an autumn clean-up was also held. Activists of the Chamber together with students of VITI NIIUU MEPhI (Volgodonsk Engineering Institute. Branch of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI), Samarskiy college, medical college, pedagogical college planted young seedlings of poplar, boxwood, maples, dug trees that have already taken root, removed garbage from the territory of the park and around.

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Cleaning up (subbotnik) in the Square of the Public Chamber

Субботник в Сквере Общественной палатыOctober 22, 2016 in the Square of the Public Chamber of Volgodonsk was a subbotnik, which was attended by activists of social organizations, members of the House. Planted 150 trees and shrubs in place did not stick. The city administration has helped to hold a subbotnik, leaving water carter, mold, and cart for garbage collection and gloves.

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