Public meeting with the Head of Volgodonsk Administration Viktor Melnikov

On November 6, 2019, a meeting of the Head of the Volgodonsk Administration Viktor Melnikov with the public of the city was held in the central library of Volgodonsk. Viktor Melnikov spoke about the results achieved and the problems that exist in the city.

The chairman of the Volgodonsk Public Chamber, Viktor Stadnikov, noted in his short speech the importance of the work carried out by the current Administration. But he focused on unresolved issues.

The issue of launching passenger trains through the city of Volgodonsk to Moscow, Adler, and the Minvody has not been resolved. In 2014, the Public Chamber collected more than 17 thousand signatures of city residents for the resumption of passenger traffic in Volgodonsk. The appeal to the State Duma deputy Viktor Deryabkin did not help either.

Viktor Melnikov noted that the Administration is making efforts to send passenger trains to Volgodonsk. But somehow affecting Russian Railways is very difficult. Regarding the merger of the two city polyclinics, Victor Stadnikov offered to carefully study this issue.

The city lacks polyclinic areas, polyclinic №3 is designed for 50 thousand inhabitants, and serves 90 thousand. Hopes for the RoAES medical unit under construction are very illusory, there are no guarantees that city residents will be served there by compulsory medical insurance.

Optimization did not bring any positive results. Personnel – that’s what you need to think about first. A public discussion of all socially significant issues is needed. Victor Melnikov noted that the residents of the city will not suffer from the association.

Irina Khalai voiced the problem associated with the urgent need to repair inpatient departments of the Municipal Unitary Health Care Unit, in which patients are sometimes treated for more than one month. Viktor Melnikov noted the importance of the issue, but everything rests on the lack of finances on the design and estimate documentation. In 2019, they will restore the children’s hospital on Gagarin 40, then the hospital. With the repair of BMCs, you need to get into the program of the national health care project, then you can talk about the repair of this important medical institution, serving in addition to Volgodonsk residents of 10 surrounding areas.

Next, questions were raised about the need for bus services along Zavodskaya Street, where many enterprises are located. Viktor Melnikov noted the importance of the issue, but the problem is the lack of such buses. Carriers will not work at a loss.

Then a question was raised about the disruption of city bus schedules. Victor Melnikov confirmed that there are carriers that regularly break schedules. Now there is hope for new buses that should arrive in the city.

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