Man is not alive by bread alone

A creative meeting of Volgodonsk writers and poets with the participants of the Active Generation project of the Volga-Don NGO was held in the city library No. 6. The meeting took place on October 2, 2019.

Vladimir Sinelschikov, a member of the Russian Union of Professional Writers, read his story and poems. All participants in the meeting were fascinated by his manner of performing their works.

Colleagues in workshop Tatyana Majorina, Leonid Dobriden, Raisa Sergeeva, Tatyana Kabanova and Lyubov Averyanova spoke. They supported a colleague and performed poems dedicated to Vladimir Sinelschikov, who recently turned 70 years old. A living word cannot be replaced by either gadgets or computers. The inclusion of activists of the “School of Golden Age” to the work of Volgodonsk poets and writers positively affects their spiritual condition and opens up new, previously unknown creative people of Volgodonsk.

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