“Answer the evil with justice. Answer good with good” (Confucius)

On the first in 2015. “A bible lesson” which the fourth year leads for participants of the School of Gold Age program of ROO “Volga-Don”, the priest of the Volgodonsk diocese the father Roman (Nekhayev), such questions sharp now as force were considered by Vera’s truth how not to answer with the evil the evil how to love the neighbor who hurt you.

In 2011 after excursion in Novocherkassk Ascension Cathedral the project manager “The school of I. Halay of gold age” found out that the most part of participants of a trip is very far from the main Bible values, almost nobody knew ten Bible precepts.

In coordination with the Volgodonsk diocese the father Roman (Nekhayev) headed “Bible lessons” and together with participants of the project started studying the Bible and to show movies on Biblical scenes. For last four years it became clear that representatives of the senior generation very much did not have real-life communication with the representative of clergy since many years after revolution from consciousness of the Soviet people etched Christianity and everything that is connected with true Vera. But the majority of families and children secretly christened, both Easter and Christmas honored.

But precepts of the Lord assume not only the Epiphany and honoring of Easter and Christmas. After all one of the most important that Christ gave us it – to love people with all their shortcomings and advantages.

Because the evil, envy, rejection of the person, unlike you, his humiliation, arrogance, here against what the Lord urges to fight.

About it, the father Roman showed to participants of the first this year of “A bible lesson”, small plots

The long way always begins with the first step and education of fully spiritually developed personality begins with the first kind word and business.

And until all of us, do not understand that anybody for us will not be able to make ourselves spiritually rich, to change nothing and the world will have more gray tones, than light!


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