Tender around bus number 12: the public of Volgodonsk was shocked

From our portal, the Public Chamber of Volgodonsk with amazement learned that a competition was announced for the choice of carriers on route No. 12 at an unregulated tariff.

And not even the fact of the auction shook her. And the fact that in recent years, the OP with perseverance wrote letters that bus routes in the city need to be revised. And the head of the city administration, Viktor Melnikov, agreed with this. The problem of the twelfth was more than once the subject for consideration at the Public Chamber. Proposals, in particular, on route No. 12 constantly came to the department of urban economy. And, apparently, carefully laid down under the cloth.

“How it is possible to hold a tender at an unregulated tariff for large-capacity buses is generally incomprehensible,” says Irina Khalai, chairman of the Volga-Don NGO. – Especially, on such a socially significant route, which covers a huge number of neighborhoods and emergency emergency services. We understand that buses and minibuses in Volgodonsk do not go very well, to put it mildly, but really for the experiment, it was impossible to choose any other route for the new competition? For example, the same twenty-second? Just look at the contract that is supposed under the terms of the competition – low-floor buses, accessible environment for people with disabilities, validators in the near future. And you need to send 11 such buses on the route. In our opinion, even in the MUE “GPT” there isn’t so much, since all modern low-floor buses received through the province work on other routes. The Public Chamber has repeatedly asked the administration and the department of urban economy to reconsider the route itself. No. 12. And I proposed to divide it into two, more optimal, so that all neighborhoods would be connected by transport, and the passengers would not wait at the bus stops. There were also urgent proposals to extend the minibus number 22 to the “fifth” in order to solve the problem of the “twelfth”. Yes, there was a lot of things, but – again, everything is “inexpedient.”

– We believe that this competition at an unregulated tariff can lead to a social explosion, – said Irina Khalay. – It’s one thing when, in addition to already existing schedules, it is proposed to replenish them with minibuses – we are only for. But when an unregulated fare is offered for a single bus number 12, which runs and, roughly speaking, “once an hour”, and even more so before the emergency medical service, we are against. And, most importantly, we were promised that every change in the route network, and in general at other points related to carriers, will be necessarily coordinated with the public. But, alas, again we are faced with the fact that everything was decided without us. Without citizens, without social activists. Now imagine that the competition will not take place. And then we will remain without route number 12 at all. And no one can get to the emergency room at all.

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