Excursion to the Semikarakorsky Museum of Ceramics

On October 30, 50 participants of the Active Generation project of the Volga-Don NGO visited the Semikarakorsky Ceramics Factory and the Museum of Ceramics, took part in a workshop on painting ceramic cups in the museum.

Adult project participants and representatives of the younger generation saw how painted clay products, plates, cups, and souvenirs, known not only in Russia, were created. Guests of the ceramics museum were shown the whole process from pouring clay into molds to burning finished products in furnaces. And the whole Semikarakorsk beauty is created by women with their skillful hands, putting a part of their soul into each product.

There is a Sunday school at the factory, where murals study and then future masters go to study in specialized educational institutions. All participants of the tour learned a lot about the intricacies of ceramic production and saw how hard the work of women creating such masterpieces is. The plant is now private and I would very much like to have someday the owner of the Semikarakorsk ceramics factory create in his unique enterprise the same island of civilization and culture in Loga Park as would be convenient for both employees and guests.

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