The speech of the representative of victims from Volgodonsk at the meeting in Vienna on 13-14.09.07

 Irina Khalay chairman of the ‘Volga-Don’ regional public organization for cooperative defense of the rights of victims of the Volgodonsk terror act, and Svetlana Gubareva of the ‘Nord-Ost’ regional public organization.

Honored ladies and gentlemen!

I thank all who helped me come here and gave me the opportunity to speak today.

Terrorism and violence have no citizenship or nationality; it is a world problem, as are the problems of terror victims.  Only together can me overcome the consequences of terror acts in this world.

Eight years have passed since the terror act in Volgodonsk.  More than 15,000 people suffered as a result of the explosion of two tons of TNT and hexogen.  This is every tenth resident of the city.  Nineteen people died and 73 became handicapped for life, and 42 buildings including two schools were damaged.  The huge blast wave caused the residents of three city regions to receive contusions, barotraumas, as well as multiple traumas, cuts, abrasions, severe psychological traumas and stress.  All this had an effect on the mental and physical health of the victims, and is evident in their headaches, cardiovascular problems, memory deficits, vision and hearing loss, irritability, aggressiveness, post-traumatic syndrome, and panic attacks.  Those within the radius of the blast lost homes, possessions, and livelihoods with regards to their loss of ability to work.

A one-time payment of compensation was made to the families of those who died, in the amount of 470 Euros.  Those permanently handicapped by the disaster received from 110 to 230 Euros, while the injured received 35 Euros.

In 1998 more than 100 construction workers from Volgodonsk were taken hostage.  They are also victims of terror, but they have been all but forgotten.

For 8 years we have been fighting to ensure that the leadership of our nation adopts a law on social protection for the victims of terror acts.  This question, however, has still not been addressed.

All the victims of the 1999 terror acts, both adults and children, all hostages, and children born after the terror acts to mothers who received injuries and underwent severe stress, are also in need of assistance: psychological, medical, professional, and legal.

Every court in Russia refuses to examine our lawsuits for compensation for health damages because of the absence of an applicable law.  Our petitions to create such a law, sent to the national parliament, the president of the Russian Federation, and the chairman of the Russian government, have likewise been refused.  Neither the

Constitutional Court

, nor the Russian plenipotentiary for human rights, wish to solve our problem.  There theme is always one and the same: there is no applicable law.


Children are our future, and  we can only ensure through our efforts  that they grow up sound individuals.  Children and adults are sick, but they remain alone with their problems.

Understanding that only together can we solve anything, in 2006 we who were handicapped during the terror act in Volgodonsk united together and created the ‘Volga-Don’ organization, which has forced the officials to remember that there are victims of terror acts in Volgodonsk who need help.  This organization, despite its lack of financial support from the government and big business, is trying to assist its members in legal and social services problems.

Our repeated appeals to the leadership of our country, and to all branches of the government, on adopting a law on social protection for victims of terror acts has still not led to anything.  In the Russian federal law, titled “Countering Terrorism”, as well as a resolution of the Russian federal government, titled “Confirming the Rules for Providing Social Rehabilitation to Persons Suffering as the Result of a Terror Act”, the status of “Victim of a Terror Act” and “Handicapped due to a Terror Act” are still absent, as well as any mechanism for fully compensating loses to health.

Proceeding from the principles of justice and equality for all in the eyes of the law, as well as the equal value of life and health of citizens, the status of “Victim of a Terror Act” and “Handicapped as a Result of a Terror Act” must be established, but not as it was determined after this terror act, i.e.: “an everyday home accident” with a pension of 40 to 50 Euros per month.

This status must be disseminated to those who after a terror act found illnesses in their children that are a result of the traumas and stresses that the mothers endured.  The level of compensation for harm (the monthly payment of insurance) to victims of terror acts should not be less that of other related legal standards.  These citizens require qualified exams and treatment for contusions, barotraumas, and psychological traumas they have received.

The complaints we sent to the European Court of Human Rights cannot solve every problem, i.e.: those that touch every individual victim, but they are necessary to solve the problems of thousands of people.

With regards to the gap in legislation in Russia, and the stubborn unwillingness of delegates in the national parliament to introduce into the federal law “Countering Terrorism” an understanding of the status of a “Victim of a Terror Act”, we have been deprived of our right to a worthy standard of living.  This is counter to the norms of international law in Article 25 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “All have the right to a standard of living necessary to support health and well-being of themselves and their families and the right to support in the case of a loss of work or other cases of the loss of the means of existence independent of the circumstances.”

Harm caused by a terror act in reality is impossible to calculate, and impossible to remedy.  Compensation must provide victims of a terror act with a worthy standard of living.  Proceeding from our eight-year experience in working on the problems of victims, we propose the adoption of the international status of “Victim of a Terror Act” with all social guarantees:

— To provide a mechanism for directing confiscated resources used to finance terrorism to instead to be used to provide for the support of victims of terror acts.

— The government must admit its obligation to fully compensate material damages and mental suffering caused by a terror act, using the federal budget.

— In connection with the large number of victims of terror of the September 16th, 1999, terror act in the city of Volgodonsk (more than 15 thousand residents), a rehabilitation center for victims of the terror act with modern medical equipment must be established.

— To develop a mechanism of medical rehabilitation – a complex of examinations and treatments, sanitarium treatment for adults and children, and summer health camps for children and adolescents.

— To develop a professional rehabilitation program for those persons who became victims of terror acts, aimed at restoring their professional knowledge, skills, and wisdom that were interrupted as the result of a terror act.

— To establish as a cause of invalidism the status of “Handicapped as the Result of a Terror Act”, with all social guarantees.

— To solve the question of limiting compulsory military service for those young men who were victims of a terror act with regards to receiving psychological traumas.

— To provide middle and higher professional education to children who are victims of a terror act.

— At the international level, to solve the problem of financial support to public organizations that protect the rights of victims of terror acts, with regards to the absence at this time of any type of financial assistance from the government, as well as from big business.

Changing the situation today in Russia with regards to the absence of a law on social protection of the rights of victims of terror acts is essential, and can only be accomplished at the international level.

I forgive my debts

“Novaya gazeta”

The power and people


Why the state decided to care only of victims of the future terror acts?


To the President of the Russian Federation

To the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation

To the Chairman of the State Duma


We address to heads of our state through mass-media as we can not get through to neither the President of the Russian Federation, nor to the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation , to the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation  more anyway.


Since 1st March, 2006 has come into force FL № 35 «About counteraction to terrorism».  Article 19 of this Law is told, that social rehabilitation of victims is defined by the Government of the Russian Federation.


But the governmental order of the Russian Federation of 12th January, 2007 is told, the operation of the Law extends on legal relations, accrued from 01.01.2007″.


With 1999 we correspond … But nobody, except our higher governors, cannot solve a question of an adoption of Law On SOCIAL DEFENCE of the RIGHTS of the SUFFERED from the  TERROR ACTS  (all terror acts  — in Moscow, Beslan, Buinaksk, Volgograd, Volgodonsk, Kaspiisk, Pyatigorsk and many other things which ALREADY HAPPENED, and not just what will occur from 01.01.2007).


In November, 2006 we addressed to all echelons of power with the request for necessity of an adoption of Law, on what we got usual answers in our last practice with instructions of department where our appeal  s directed further:


From Administration of the President of the Russian Federation — to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, then to the Ministry of  Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

From the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation – to the Ministry of  Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, then to the Federal meeting of the Russian Federation.


From the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation to the Government of the Russian Federation.


Etc., etc.


Here last answer from the Safety Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of 07.03.2007.

«In view of the aforesaid, the questions raised in your appeal, are taken into consideration and will be considered in the further legislative work of committee in sphere of opposition to terrorist threat».


But then for seven years we addressed to the authorities of necessity of acceptance «the Law on social defense of the rights of the suffered from the terror acts», rather then about the problem of opposition to terrorist threat.


The organization of victims of terror act in Volgodonsk «Volga-Don» (Chairman Irina Ivanovna Khalay), RPO «Nord-Ost» (Co-chairman Tatyana Karpova), «the Voice of Beslan» (Chairman Emma Betrozova-Tagaeva), etc.



The comment «Novaya gazeta»


According to public organization «Nord-Oat», there were 55 acts of terrorism from 1995 to 2006 in Russia, 1802 persons were lost, more than 20 000 citizens of Russia suffered.


Since 2002 the former hostages and relatives of victims at Dubrovka brought up a question on necessity of acceptance of the federal law which would confirm the status «the suffered from the terror act» and provided measures on social protection of these citizens. Later the suffered from explosions of houses in Moscow and Volgodonsk, relatives of passengers Ту-134 which had been blown up in the summer 2004, Beslan have joined requirements of “Nord-Ost”. Lawyers L.Aivar and I.Trunov have prepared the Draft of the corresponding federal law which was long considered in the State Duma, but have not been recommended even to the first reading.


After the terror act  in Beslan the President of Russia has publicly declared, that our state cannot provide to safety of the citizens . But who will tell, what the state is not in a condition at least to take care of those who survived? Assuming budgetary financing of security officials grown  several times for last years. As, however, and quantity of victims of the terror acts grown. And orphans Frolov (9 and 11 years), lost their parents at «Nord-Ost» have got  the monthly pension  250 rubles. Such here the surprising tendency: the more terror acts and victims, the more our secret services have got awar


Дети из Волгодонска тоже хотят увидеть кремлевскую елку

Уже месяц общественная организация «Волга — Дон», в которую вошли 200 пострадавших от взрывов домов в Волгодонске, пытается отправить 20 детей и 15 подростков на кремлевскую елку.

С просьбой помочь в организации, оплатить автобус и проживание детей в Москве (всего 148 тысяч рублей) руководитель организации «Волга — Дон» Ирина Халай обращалась к губернатору области Чубу, полпреду по ЮФО Дмитрию Козаку, председателю Совета при президенте РФ по развитию гражданского общества Элле Памфиловой, к депутату Госдумы от Волгодонска Валерию Дятленко и еще двум десяткам частных компаний и благотворительных организаций.

До сегодняшнего дня вопрос так и не решен.

Читать далее «ЦИРК И ТОЛЬКО»

Девять рублей за моральный ущерб

Пострадавшие от терактов настаивают на своем особом статусе

«Российская газета»

Организации, объединяющие пострадавших от всех терактов на территории России, намерены создать единый координационный совет для защиты своих прав.

Об этом в четвертую годовщину теракта в театральном центре на Дубровке заявила председатель организации «Голос Беслана» Элла Кесаева. С помощью этого совета пострадавшие также надеются добиться принятия Госдумой закона «О социальной защите граждан, пострадавших от терактов».

О необходимости такого законопроекта на вчерашней пресс-конференции говорили все пострадавшие — от Волгодонска до Беслана.

«Нужно установить статус пострадавших от терроризма и прописать их социальные гарантии, чтобы люди не ходили по инстанциям с протянутой рукой, — заявила адвокат Людмила Трунова, представлявшая в суде интересы большого количества пострадавших. — В Уголовном кодексе говорится просто о «пострадавшем», и получается, что человек, у которого отняли кошелек на улице, и пострадавший от теракта находятся в одинаковом положении.

Читать далее «Девять рублей за моральный ущерб»


Государство посылает жертв террористов непосредственно к террористам — просить у них денег

Кто несет ответственность за теракты? Подавляющее большинство ответит: государство, создавшее условия для того, чтобы теракт состоялся. Или — бессильное ему помешать. При этом под государством подразумевается, естественно, власть.

Не дай вам Бог узнать, как все это выглядит на самом деле. Жертвы терактов обычно имеют возможность общаться лишь со следователем — он олицетворяет перед ними все государство, отдувается за него. И вот что обычно слышат жертвы: «Вот поймаем… (обычно — Басаева), с него и требуйте!».

Нынешней весной Дума вернула в Уголовный кодекс конфискацию имущества для осужденных за терроризм — облагодетельствовала потерпевших, полагая, надо думать, что Басаев очень обогатился, бегая по лесам много лет, и только лишь изловят гада, тотчас его палатку, протез, спальный мешок и автомат конфискуют, пустят с молотка, а деньги раздадут жертвам… А пока не пойман Басаев…


Паспорт для террориста

Теракт в Волгодонске стал возможен в том числе и благодаря коррупции в правоохранительных органах

В минувшую пятницу в Волгодонске вспоминали трагедию, произошедшую шесть лет назад. Тогда, 16 сентября 1999 года, в 5.57 в городе прогремел самый мощный из серии взрывов, потрясших Россию.

Возле дома № 35 по Октябрьскому шоссе взлетел на воздух начиненный полутора тоннами взрывчатки грузовик. Взрывная волна накрыла весь район.

Трагедия унесла жизни 19 человек, 76 остались инвалидами. Всего же в результате теракта были признаны пострадавшими тысяча человек.

Дома с адресом Октябрьское шоссе, 35, сегодня в Волгодонске нет. Часть многоэтажки все же восстановили, но адрес дали другой.

Прежний остался только в людской памяти. Теперь в доме на два этажа и на два подъезда меньше, чем было когда-то. На месте снесенных взрывом подъездов – монумент с именами погибших.

В Волгодонске погибло меньше людей, чем в терактах в Москве, лишь потому, что дом строился с учетом сейсмоопасной зоны и был рассчитан на землетрясение силой до 7 баллов. Дом устоял, рухнули только перекрытия.

Эхо сентябрьского взрыва в Волгодонске не стихает до сих пор.

Многие жители микрорайона, в котором произошел взрыв, и сегодня страдают так называемым синдромом фиксированного времени – «синдромом пяти часов», впервые описанным донскими врачами. Именно в утреннее время у людей появляется беспокойство, чувство тревожного ожидания.

Читать далее «Паспорт для террориста»


Мое имя Ачемез ГОЧИЯЕВ. Есть приказ живым меня не брать…

С 1999 года «Новая газета» наблюдает за тем, как ищут исполнителей и заказчиков взрывов жилых домов в Москве и Волгодонске (серия материалов «ФСБ. Гексоген. Рязань», «Гексогеновый след» и т.д.) Читать далее «Я ХОЧУ РАССКАЗАТЬ О ВЗРЫВАХ ЖИЛЫХ ДОМОВ»


Жертвы терактов написали письмо кандидатам в президенты. Кандидаты начали отвечать им через нашу газету

На этой неделе в Москве было распространено обращение жертв терактов в России к кандидатам в президенты. Вот главные цитаты из него: «Мы потеряли близких при взрывах жилых домов в 1999 г. и при захвате театра на Дубровке в 2002 г…

Мы тщетно пытались получить от власти вразумительные объяснения… Нынешний президент РФ был обязан нам не просто по должности и по совести — ведь гибель наших близких имеет прямое отношение к его политической карьере и его решениям… Для нас эти выборы — возможно, последний шанс добиться правды.

Мы призываем претендентов на пост президента поднять эти вопросы в ходе предвыборной кампании, мы хотели бы услышать, как каждый из вас поступит в случае избрания, — будет ли назначено реальное независимое и непредвзятое расследование или заговор молчания вокруг гибели наших близких продолжится и впредь…»