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Human rights – is the eternal problem?

DSC04231July 13, 2016 in the City Library №6 / 14 session passed the “School of legal knowledge” NGO SZPPT “Volga-Don” for teenagers, held by a lawyer within the project A.Arestov socially significant project “comfortable and safe life of disadvantaged population through constructive dialogue with the authorities and effective public control in the Rostov region “implemented by the NGO SZPPT” Volga-Don “at the expense of President grant in accordance with the Presidential decree of 04/01/2015 number 79-rp contract №162 / 2015/2. The purpose of exercises increase the level of responsibility of participants of the quiz, crime prevention, development of skills of interaction with law enforcement bodies.

DSC04237  image1  image2  image3Lawyer Anatoly Arestov detail disassembled with teenagers life is different than a free man and conditionally convicted. Of course, each participant finds employment, he is not doing anything unlawful, and he never gets registered with the police. But that it does not happen it is necessary to know not only their rights, but also duties. Lawyer asked each to write write on the 5 rights and freedoms that it has. Perhaps each of us would like to have more rights than it actually is, but based on the fact that all people are born equal, with equal rights, if we give ourselves some right (eg the right to steal anything) we automatically exercised such right, and others. And it endangers our lives, health, property and so on. Then the boys are divided into two teams, with each team were representatives of the older generation took part in the legal quiz.

Some jobs were in the form of tests. Of course the question of where to go, if human rights are grossly violated? guys chose to court and not to the UN Secretary General. On the question of how exactly the position of the person elected Government. Duma to gather information about violations of human rights information and assistance to those whose rights have been violated, the participants of the quiz remembered that in every school now has a Commissioner for the rights of students, and at the state level is a human rights ombudsman, that the obligation is a certain circle of entrusted a man of action, of course to carry out, and the responsibility is the duty of man to answer for their actions or their consequences. The quiz questions were traditionally many tales.

Who toward someone violates the right to life, Who’s who in the fairy tale “The Golden Key” deprived of property? Further, it was necessary to determine which of the heroes of fairy tales or those deprived and other rights. The right to life, the right to inviolability of the home, the right to free labor, freedom of marriage, the right to own personal property and detained had to answer the fabulous hero, using the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights.

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